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My Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card for College Students Helped Me Get My PhD!

As a student working toward my PhD, I was accustomed to working long hours during my breaks from school in order to finance my books, meals and incidentals until my student loans and grants arrived later in the semester.  I missed out on valuable fellowships and had trouble finding enough time to study and work [...]

Journey Student Rewards from Capital One

College students are inundated with credit card offers that all seem to have something in it for the credit card company, but very little benefit for the student. It is rare if not impossible, to find a card that wants to help college students learn and develop good credit habits. When students find a card [...]

Check Out The Citi Platinum Select MasterCard for College Students

It’s that time of the year when newly graduated high school students are starting to pack their bags and pick classes for their first year of college and one of the important steps to entering the college years is having a plan on how to safely and responsibly begin building your credit. Citi offers a [...]

Students Should Take a Look at the Discover Student Open Road Credit Card

College can be a dangerous time for credit, with many students graduating with a high amount of debt. The Discover Student Open Road card has a solution, giving favorable terms in a card that helps students build up credit and earn helpful perks. They earn double cash back bonuses on the places where they shop [...]