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Why Sergei Isn’t A “Zucker” And Won’t Be Investing In The Facebook For Now

Written by sergeiavatar

Don’t get Sergei wrong I loves the Facebook. It is greatest invention since bread slicing apparatus, but how can you possibly think that investing in a company at a valuation of 100 times it’s revenue or about 50 times it’s profit is smart move. More troubling is that Facebook advertising business is in potential danger because most users are on iphones or droid and ads on tiny screens make tiny profits.

If the majority of the users in the world are using FB on mobile phone, well they will have to find new ways to drive more revenue to make up for what is being lost. Facebook is incredible success and more than 1/8th of the world currently uses it. Even fatty walrus with no job and crappy life has Facebook page. Status updates are more boring than reading Ann Rand, and that’s saying a lot. I’m Russian, I should love her. Nothing worse than reading The Fountainhead unless of course you are being read aloud the book by fatty walrus who is also updating his friend the bird brain pelican’s page with updates and then telling you what he is posting.

Back to Facebook, the thing that is also scary is that Mark never wanted to have Facebook as public company. He lives in small house (for a billionaire) and doesn’t like money. That is a scary thought, head of Facebook and $100B + market cap not really caring about the money…

Yuri Milner, now there’s a man who Sergei respect. I mean anyone who spends $100 million on a house, well that is someone who you should invest in. He’s got some bills to pay for sure, so he’s never going to stop working like crazy and making good investment. Speaking of which, Yuri was smart and bought a lot of the Facebook stock when it was still private company at $20 billion valuation. At the time he was ridiculed and many bad things were said about him. Ha, looks who’s laughing now?

It warms my Russian heart that one of my countrymen has proven to all of the doubters that he is smarter than all of them. He is man that calculates risk and reward appropriately. And yes, he does like to reward himself with nice things.

Also troubling about Facebook is that Mark has zero interest in getting into the search business. Google also had crazy IPO long time back and people said valuation was too high. But Google powers all search and places ad everywhere. Soon Google will have way to place ads in your dreams while you sleep, I joke.

But it is reported that Microsoft went to Mark with tail between legs and offered to sell struggling Bing search engine to Facebook for the chump change. Mark, he wasn’t interested and immediately passed.

While I think that Facebook is incredible company and will be the “KING Of Time Wasting” for people all over the world it might be difficult to keep share price supported by current revenue and business model.

That being said, Sergei will close with this. Mark Zuckerberg is a very smart man and if anyone can figure out a way to make more money off of people spying on one another online it is him. But for right now Sergei is going to sit tight and see what happen.

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