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How To Spend Money All Year And Still Save For Summer Vacation – It’s So Easy Even The Bird-Brain Pelican Can Follow This Plan

Written by sergeiavatar

For most people, spending money is easy, but saving money is hard task that takes special care and consideration of goals, total money needs to save, and where to find money to save when all being used by life. Right about now, most people wishing that they saved for summer vacation. Well, I have plan for next year. This plan so easy that even lazy Walrus can plan for next beaching on the warm sand of the Caribbean.

This is plan: get American Express credit card that partnered with airline like Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card or the Blue Sky from American Express card and spend, spend, spend.  I not saying that you use card to make frivolous purchases; however cards offer great miles programs when use card for purchases, which means you save to buy plane ticket when you purchase family’s weekly kale, squid, and flounder groceries.

American Express also offer Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card, which allow cardholder save points that used for room at Starwood hotel when make purchases. Starwood Hotels and Resorts own number of fantastic property like Westin, Sheraton, St. Regis, and W Hotels.

If blubbering Walrus use Gold Delta SkyMiles, Blue Sky, or Starwood Preferred Guest card from American Express card at local dock to buy lunch in November, he receive points to use to buy plane ticket or hotel room in July.

See! It easy! Spend all year to save for summer vacation!