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50 Cent Has American Express Centurion Card, I Wonder What Card Seal (The Singer) Uses?

Written by sergeiavatar

Rapper and business mogul, 50 Cent, also known as Curtis Jackson, belongs to club of credit card holders, who are slick as porpoise’s back – - they qualify to use the American Express Centurion Card. This card is also informally known as AMEX Black Card. 50 Cent realized one of many perks that comes with this card when he was victim of identity fraud last year. Good thing for 50 Cent, American Express does “not hold our card members liable for any fraudulent charges,” said spokesperson for card company.

Now here’s the thing, – - American Express offers impeccable fraud protection programs for all cardholders so why, oh why, does 50 Cent use fancy black card? Well here’s why – – because he’s rich and whipping out black card when you’re rich is cool as Arctic breeze. The black card club used to be invitation only, which means if you didn’t already know some birdbrain that had card, then you’re not getting in flock. Now you just need to pay $5,000 one-time membership fee, $2,500 annual fee, have shark tank amount of money in bank, and be willing to spend $250,000 a year on the card. Oh yeah, you also need a blubber-free credit history.

50 Cent probably also likes the black card because there’s a dedicated concierge, which means what 50 wants, 50 gets. The card is also made with anodized titanium, which makes the card seem heavier than a tubby walrus.

American Express Centurion card seems like it comes with lots of rules and restrictions and making commitment to spend $250,000 a year seems like a lot to ask the average Joe… or Sergei. So, I think I’ll stick with one of American Express’ other cards like American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card or Plum Card from American Express OPEN.