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We Discover(ed) What Was So Special About The Discover More Credit Card

Discover More Card Reviewed UPDATE: The Discover More Credit Card is no longer offered by Discover Card. They have since switched over to the Discover IT promotion. These cards offers similar rates, fees and rewards. Use the links on the right to find an offer that is a good fit for you.   The Discover [...]

Gas & Groceries, There’s A Credit Card For That!

If your household spends thousands annually on gas and groceries, as is true with many families, a rewards credit card with an annual fee may be a better choice to save money, according to a credit card analyst. With the ever increasing prices of food and fuel, choosing the right rewards card can put hundreds [...]

Credit Card Balance Transfers Popular Again

After a lull in credit card activity by major issuers in the wake of a rash of bank failures in 2008, credit card companies are once again floating enticing balance transfer offers. According to recent news reports that quote industry insiders, banks are rolling out zero percent introductory offers for as long as 15 months. [...]

Review of Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card – $100 Cash Back

Are you ready for the ultimate experience in credit card benefits, savings and rewards? Are you searching for a leader in modern credit cards with the most comprehensive combination of purchase power and advantages? If you are, the Citi Dividend Platinum Select card with a $100 cash back option is exactly what you need. This [...]

Have Average Credit? Check Out The Capital One Cash Rewards Card

I Love My Capital One Cash Rewards Card! After I had sufficiently recovered from my divorce, I searched long and hard for a credit card that would help me get back on my feet and decided to focus my research on a Capital One card. Many of my friends and family members had different accounts with [...]

Check Out the AMEX Business Platinum Card

A business card with super-sized benefits, the Business Platinum Card from American Express OPEN offers members the chance to earn loads of bonus points and discounts on the services they use the most. The card has an award-winning reward program that pays a twenty-percent bonus on travel purchased with reward points, and also offers 25,000 [...]

CitiBusiness® ThankYou Card Thanks You

As a business owner, you need a credit card that works best in the context of your specific needs.  While some companies appreciate the usefulness of travel rewards, others don’t require mileage rewards because travel isn’t a priority.  Earning a reward on credit card spending, though, is helpful in that it allows the business budget [...]

Citi Platinum Select MasterCard

Some credit cards offer benefits to consumers that make a little sense, and other credit cards offer benefits that every consumer can agree with. When you are looking for the card that offers you benefits and services that match your personal situation, then you need to take a long look at the Citi® Platinum Select® [...]

Capital One Platinum Credit Card

Are you looking for a new credit card? If so, you should definitely look at the Capital One Platinum card. This card comes with a reasonable interest rate, fraud protection and many other benefits.   No Interest Until March 2013 The best reason to get this card is that there is no interest due until [...]

The Business Platinum Card from American Express OPEN

Owning a business is source of pride and frustration for many people. But when you find the right credit card to relieve that frustration, then all you are left with is the pride you feel when your business succeeds. The people at American Express have been helping businesses succeed for a very long time. With [...]