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If you are searching for a specific type of credit card, be it balance transfer, travel rewards, cash back or a student credit card offer simply click on the corresponding imagine and our database of recommended credit card offers will then populate the latest offers on the right hand side of this page. Our editorial staff reviews all of the top offers in the marketplace. We only feature credit card offers from well established companies who are in good standing within this industry. will not display a credit card offer unless we feel that it meets specific criteria and is a good card for our audience. The website does feature advertising from our partners, however we are not compensated if the visitors to our site apply and are approved for a specific card. This allows us to display a large variety of cards and offers and not promote one offer over another for financial gain. Every website that has information and links to credit card offers is being compensated in one way or another. That being said, we truly try to put the visitors to our website first and have chosen a business model and or path that does not allow us to place a priority of one client over another. Our site simply features unbiased opinions and information about many of the different credit card offers in the marketplace. Clearly we are taking a different approach, seriously a Russian seal who can talk is our mascot… When was the last time you saw a financial services company attempt to engage it’s audience with great factual information with a humorous approach? At we really are taking a completely different angle and we are going to continue to improve our service and product offering. Please be sure to like us on Facebook and Google +, by showing us your love you let us know that you like our unusual style.

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