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Review of Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card – $100 Cash Back

Are you ready for the ultimate experience in credit card benefits, savings and rewards?

Are you searching for a leader in modern credit cards with the most comprehensive combination of purchase power and advantages? If you are, the Citi Dividend Platinum Select card with a $100 cash back option is exactly what you need. This latest state-of-the-art Visa card provides you with a wealth of cardholder advantages while saving you money with every purchase. As a cardholder you will benefit greatly from the initial savings of no annual fee plus many more cost effective features, including:

• 0% Intro APR on balance transfers and purchases for 12 months, followed by an ongoing variable APR of 12.99% to 22.99%, based on your credit rating;

• $100 cash back when you spend $500 on purchases within the first three months of card membership;

• Earnings of 5% cash back on all eligible purchases at Macy’s, Electronics and Toy stores from October 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012 when you enroll. To take advantage of new categories that earn more cash back, simply enroll each quarter at no added cost;

• 1% cash back on all other purchases; and

• An average of 5% additional cash back at more than 400 stores through the Citi Bonus Cash Center.

Not only will you enjoy the excellent savings and conveniences of all these great cardholder advantages—you will keep even more money in your pocket with the special benefits of:

• 1% cash back on cash advances when taken at the standard cash advance rate, with a calendar-year earnings allowance of $300; and

• $5 cash back on individual balance transfer transactions equaling $1,500 or above.


As an extra bonus, along with all of these outstanding card member benefits, the Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa card offers you the extra security features of:

• Identity theft protection;

• $0 Liability on unauthorized card charges; and

• Secure, free online account management services.

Citibank wins big with the Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa.

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The Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa with its dynamic rewards features wins a leading position on the 2012 cash back credit cards ratings from Today’s versatile cash back credit cards do much more than just rewarding extra savings and earnings for cardholders. They also help consumers develop responsible spending habits. As a Citi Dividend Platinum card member, you will become a well informed consumer. You will quickly realize the advantages of spending wisely. You will easily understand that in order to benefit from your credit card’s comprehensive rewards programs, you must pay each monthly bill promptly to avoid the burden of late fees. In addition, you will see the value of paying your Visa bill in full to prevent the accrual of interest charges on outstanding account balances.

You could accurately say that by offering a money-saving opportunity like the Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa, Citibank is practicing good psychology, to the customer’s benefit. With this credit card’s $100 cash back advantage and other great savings provisions, Citi is giving each card member a valuable gift of ongoing savings. Because each card benefit is based on responsible spending by the cardholder, Citibank’s generosity is encouraging an end to reckless spending by consumers and promoting reasonable purchasing habits. By rewarding responsible card member spending, Citi provides a healthy incentive to its customers to spend well, but within their budgetary limits. Such practices keep Citi cardholders happily spending while keeping their credit card accounts in good standing. This, in turn, enables Citibank to continue offering enhanced benefits to its many credit card account members.

When you get your new Dividend Platinum Select Visa card from Citibank with $100 cash back, you will own a credit card in the highest rankings of rewards providers. For example, this card weighs in with such impressive numbers as:

1. An Annual Fee of $0, which gives this Citi Dividend Platinum Visa card the number one ranking among 1,763 competitive credit cards;

2. A Base Reward Rate of 1%, placing this card as number 69 in a field of 958 competing charge cards;

3. The high ranking of number 178 among 955 credit cards which have the Effective Reward Rate of 1%; and

4. The rank of number 54 in a competing group of 1,756 credit cards with a Sign-Up Bonus of $100. 2

Should you pay your bills with this Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa rewards card?

Yes, paying your bills with this Citi Visa rewards card is an excellent decision as long as you pay your card balance on time and in full each month. Of course, you always want to avoid late fees and added interest fees from carry-over or delinquent charge card balances. It simply does not make sense to pay recurring bills with your card unless you pay your monthly card balances promptly and fully.

If you are a card member with responsible repaying habits, then by all means feel free to charge your bills and make a single card payment each month to cover them all. By charging bills during your first three months of card membership, you will more quickly accrue the $500 charge amount necessary to qualify for your $100 cash back. After that, you will be taking advantage of your ongoing 1% cash back on purchases. In addition, Citi will consider you a worthwhile customer because when you pay bills with your Citi Select Platinum Visa, Citi will earn merchant fees from many of your billing companies. You can also gain the backup of your card company if you should have a dispute over services or fees charged to your card by your billing companies.

Often, too, even with monthly bill paying, the more you charge and pay off responsibly, the more perks you will receive from Citi. After you reach specific spending levels on your rewards card, you may become eligible for new or expanded benefits. Also remember that your initial 0% APR on purchases when first using your card extends through the first year of cardholder membership.

Should you charge holiday gift purchases on your Citi Platinum Visa card?

Yes, charge away during the holiday season and enjoy shopping with peace of mind. You will be gaining all the same savings benefits you received from paying your monthly bills with your Visa rewards card. Remember, you will earn 5% cash back on approved purchases at Macy’s, Electronics and Toy stores throughout the period of October 1 to December 31, 2012, when you enroll. You will also get the advantage of 1% cash back on all other purchases. Added to these benefits is your average of 5% cash back when shopping at more than 400 stores through the Citi Bonus Cash Center. In addition, charging all your holiday expenditures on one card enables you to keep a closer count of just how much you are spending. By shopping with your convenient Citi Platinum Visa rewards card, you can easily pre-set your spending limit before beginning your holiday shopping spree.

There are even more reasons to gift shop for this year’s coming holidays with your Citi Visa rewards card. When you charge appliances or electronic equipment to your card, you may receive extended warranty protection on some items. You may also get a discount on the cost of the warranty plan. In addition, shopping with your credit card in busy stores will often make checkout faster. Especially when using self-checkout scanners and mobile cashier setups, the paying process will be less time consuming. Not only will your shopping experience be easier and faster—you will be lending efficiency and ease to other shoppers’ purchasing experience, as well as to the work of busy store sales staff.

If a store objects to your request for a purchase exchange or refund for an item you bought with your Citi Visa rewards card, mention that you may register a chargeback complaint. In most cases, the suggestion of extra paperwork and additional charges to the store will result in a quick refund or exchange.

Should you charge travel expenses and restaurant meals to your Citi Platinum Visa?

You should definitely make all necessary charges to your Citi Visa rewards card when travelling and eating in restaurants. Just think of all the savings you will accrue with your collective cash back percentages. Also, some travel services, airlines, tour companies and restaurants award discounts and extra perks or gifts to travelers who charge expenses to respected credit cards. As with holiday shopping, having a set travel expenditures budget and charging all spending to one credit card are proven methods of helping to avoid breaking your budget while away from home. With the added protection of $0 Liability on unauthorized charges, you never need to worry about the costly consequences which could otherwise result from a lost or stolen card or credit card number. Instead, you are free to relax and enjoy every aspect of your trip to the fullest.

Without question, as a responsible cardholder of the Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa card with $100 cash back, you will enjoy the ultimate in comprehensive modern credit card benefits, savings and rewards for all your purchasing, spending and lifestyle needs and pleasures.

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