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Have Average Credit? Check Out The Capital One Cash Rewards Card

I Love My Capital One Cash Rewards Card!

After I had sufficiently recovered from my divorce, I searched long and hard for a credit card that would help me get back on my feet and decided to focus my research on a Capital One card. Many of my friends and family members had different accounts with Capital One and were quite happy with both the terms of their various cards and the excellent customer service.  At the end of my research, I decided to sign up for the Capital One Cash Rewards card and in the fourteen months I have been a cardholder, I have had nothing but positive experiences and wanted to share them!

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As a new cardholder, I had some initial trouble signing up for online access to my account.  I called customer service for assistance and was greeted by Cassandra.  She was extremely helpful and had me set up with access in no time at all.  She was able to walk me through the process screen by screen and seemed delighted to help me.

A few months later, I lost my billing statement.  I panicked, afraid my payment would be late!  I called customer service again and spoke to Bill, who not only helped me by sending out a duplicate, but also was able to show me how to make my payment online directly from my bank account.  He also got me set up with automatic payments each month so that I would never have to worry about a late payment again.  Not only was he a great guy, he was very patient and even took time to explain my various payment options to help me choose the right one for me.

Last week, my briefcase was stolen.  I lost everything, including my Capital One Cash Rewards card.  I found my statement and called in to report the fact that my card was now not in my possession.  Even though it was four in the morning, I was greeted by a pleasant and reassuring lady named Rochelle who was able to cancel my card and order a new one immediately.  I received the card within days and was able to activate it and use it to pay my bills while I waited for a new checkbook to arrive from my bank.

I cannot say enough about my Capital One Cash Rewards card.  The customer service is excellent, friendly and knowledgeable and I have never had to call more than once to resolve an issue.  I would and do recommend this card to anyone who needs a hassle-free credit card with a great rewards program.