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CitiBusiness® ThankYou Card Thanks You

Written by alexavatar

As a business owner, you need a credit card that works best in the context of your specific needs.  While some companies appreciate the usefulness of travel rewards, others don’t require mileage rewards because travel isn’t a priority.  Earning a reward on credit card spending, though, is helpful in that it allows the business budget to be stretched a little farther.  CitiBusiness® ThankYou Card is an excellent choice for earning significant rewards that allow for flexibility in redemption.

CitiBusiness® ThankYou Card is provided with no annual fee, making it a better value than many membership fee cards.  An introductory APR of zero percent makes it possible to get started with this card without amassing interest.  After the first six months, the low APR is variable.  Your first three months of membership in this program allow you the opportunity to earn a bonus of 15,000 ThankYou points for an expenditure of $3,000.  This is sufficient for earning $150 in rewards like gift cards.  Your ongoing earnings include one ThankYou point per dollar spent, with select business categories earning three ThankYou points per dollar.  Each quarter of the year includes a different spotlight for the three point bonus spending, with emphasis changing seasonally.

There are additional earnings opportunities available to those using the CitiBusiness® ThankYou Card.  Enrollment in the account online service earns 100 bonus points, as does enrollment in paperless statements.  Anniversaries earn bonus points, as well, making it beneficial to remain loyal to your choice of card.  There are no limits to the number of points you can earn, making it profitable to do more of your business using your CitiBusiness® ThankYou Card.  Since your points don’t expire, you are at liberty to allow them to accrue in order to save for a big-ticket item for your company.  Your points can be exchanged for cash or merchandise.  Gift cards are also popular options, and those instances of unexpected travel are perfect opportunities to use your rewards from your CitiBusiness® ThankYou Card to pay for travel miles.  Online redemption is easy, but it is also possible to handle your redemption by phone.  Your loyalty in using the CitiBusiness® ThankYou Card is valuable in earning you a variety of redemption opportunities.