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Capital One Platinum Credit Card

Written by abbyavatar

Are you looking for a new credit card? If so, you should definitely look at the Capital One Platinum card. This card comes with a reasonable interest rate, fraud protection and many other benefits.


No Interest Until March 2013

The best reason to get this card is that there is no interest due until March of 2013. A zero percent APR is great for those who are looking to transfer their balance from another credit card. It is also a good card for those who are looking to make a large purchase. You can save yourself a lot of money over the course of the next few months. The interest rate then becomes a reasonable 17 percent for those with decent credit.


You Pay Nothing For Fraudulent Purchases

It is always a scary sight when you see a charge on your statement that you did not make. The thought of someone stealing your identity and making fraudulent charges against your credit is very stressful. Having to pay for purchases you did not make is another issue you don’t want to deal with. Luckily, the Capital One Platinum card allows you to pay nothing if you didn’t authorize the purchase.


Your Card Is An Insurance Policy

Most people carry a credit card in case of an emergency. Few people have $1,000 just lying around to repair their car if it breaks down. However, this card actually offers protection in the event of an emergency. Those who are traveling in another country can get travel insurance when they use this card to pay for their airfare.

Rental insurance is also including when you use the card to book a rental car. Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve when you are out and about. The fact that MasterCard backs your card means it will be accepted in many places all around the globe.

The Capital One Platinum card is a great financial tool for everyone who applies. Pay no interest until March 2013, pay nothing for fraudulent purchases and enjoy added insurance coverage when you travel. This card is available to those who have a credit score above 650. Apply today to enjoy these great benefits.