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Want Access to an Airport Lounge? Use These Cards!

Written by abbyavatar

Fox Business recently conducted a review of credit cards to determine which card out on the market is best to use to get airport lounge access. This may seem like a trivial analysis; however for people who spend most of their week traveling, the time that they do or could spend in the airport lounge, away from the general crowds, is welcome and valuable.

There have been numerous occasions when I have walked through the airport terminal, stressed by crowds, screaming children, people running to their gate, and the general confusion, and passed the doorway of an airport lounge area, wishing that I had the golden ticket to enter and be able to relax a bit before my flight. Well fortunately for most of us, if we sign up for the right credit card, we can easily gain access to the airport lounge. It’s as simple as that.

The Fox Business website reviewed a couple of these very credit cards to determine what each card offered in addition to access to the coveted airport lounge. The first card reviewed was the American Express Platinum Card could get the cardholder access to one of 600 airport lounges because it participates in the Priority Pass Select network. Fox reasoned that many companies require their employees to fly the cheapest flight instead of flying the usual airline, so if the passenger uses their AMEX Platinum Card to purchase the ticket, they can also use the card to get into many airport lounges across the world. Possession of this card also gets your flight companions into the door as well for the low price of $27.00 per person. Another great perk of the card is that if it is used to purchase the ticket, the card will also reimburse the cost of your checked bags.

The Fox Business site also reviewed the United Mileage Plus Club Card from Chase, which is linked to United Airlines, which recently merged with Continental Airlines. Therefore, cardholders of the United Mileage Plus Club Card from Chase will receive perks, including access to the airport lounge areas, in many United/Continental terminals across the world. Unlike the Amex Platinum Card where the cardholder has to pay a small fee for each of the travel companions who want to gain access to the lounge, the United Mileage Plus Club Card will allow you to bring a friend in to the lounge for free. In addition to access to the lounge, the card also carries with it priority check-in and boarding, baggage handling and two free checked bags per flight.

The next card reviewed is the Citi Executive/ AAdvantage World Elite MasterCard. With this card, the cardholder and up to two unrelated guests will gain access to lounges across the world for American Airlines, British Airways, and Qantas airlines. Another great perk to the card is that it offers the cardholder access to their expert concierges, who can help you make further travel arrangements and restaurant reservations.

The final card reviewed by Fox Business website was the Visa Black Card from Barclaycard US. This card also offers a concierge service and will reward the cardholder 1% cash back on all purchases that can be used for airfare. Finally, the card will grant its members access to their VIP lounges, which are located in more than 200 cities worldwide.