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Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Etc. The Best Unsecured Credit Card in 2012?

Written by adamavatar

Visa, MasterCard, American Express there are so many to choose from, so how do we choose the best credit card currently being offered? Unfortunately there is no simple, easy or fixed answer to this question. The answer can only be determined by you and your particular spending habits, product or services preferences, and or cash incentive needs.

The highly competitive nature of the credit card industry has driven issuers to create marketing strategies based on various customer usage/needs factors; travel, products, services, cash back categories. Determining which credit card will give you the lowest interest rate will be determined by which category of credit card customer you fall under.

Right now all the major credit card insurers are offering incentive rewards based unsecured credit cards to their customers, your personal lifestyle will determine which credit card offering is best suited for you. Below we will break them down, best first in each area of customized incentives for your perusal. The order of the incentives is a non factor i.e. frequent flyer; the list is created with the best interest rates first. Determining which the “best” is for you can only be decided by you.

Below are the National Averages for Comparative Purposes:


National Average -14.91%

Instant Approvals -15.49%

Good Credit          -10.40%

Bad Credit             -23.64%

Balance Transfers -12.43%

Low Interest Rate -10.40%

Business Interest   -12.67%

Student Credit       -13.77%