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Rewards Abound with American Express Platinum Card

Written by abbyavatar

Whether you’re already a cardholder or thinking of becoming one, The Platinum Card® from American Express offers many features, services and rewards as well as the prestige earned when you place this exclusive card on the table.

One of the most attractive features of The Platinum Card is that it has no pre-set spending limit, which can be a lifesaver if you’re simply trying to resolve any number of day-to-challenges, or more importantly, if you’re travelling for either business or pleasure.

The travel benefits seem to be without peer. Ivan Daniels writing for says,

This card comes with one-of-a-kind travel privileges such as complimentary access to selected airport clubs around the world, exclusive concierge services, hotel upgrades and benefits when staying at any of the 600+ boutique, resort and luxury hotels around the world, and many more.

Daniels gives the card a 4.8 out of a possible five stars.

Another great feature of the card is “exclusive access.” This means the card can get you, friends and family into events that are not generally available to the public. Plus, you can use rewards points to secure these entertainment experiences, which is a benefit you don’t receive on many other cards.

Also included in your membership are excellent rewards opportunities. With a few exceptions, The Platinum Card gives you one reward point for every dollar spent on the card and offers multiple opportunities to earn more points when you do business with one of American Express’ numerous partners.

For example, if you shop online through the Membership Rewards section of the American Express Web site, you can earn up to 10x the rewards. These rewards offers vary, but the site includes such valued brands as Apple, Home Depot and Land’s End. You can also earn double rewards for travel with American Express’ online travel service. One of the best components of this rewards program is that the points never expire.

Overall, after reviewing the total package The Platinum Card from American Express has to offer, it’s easy to conclude that discerning customers would be more than pleased to carry this card in their wallets.