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Citigroup Releases New and Revamped Hilton HHonors Reserve Card

Written by alexavatar

Citigroup is throwing another chip into the hand of credit cards available and marketed to their upper-tiered a/k/a wealthier prospective cardholders with their new card branded after Hilton Hotels.

Citigroup already had another credit card partnered with Hilton to offer their cardholders increased savings when they travel; however this new version is supposed to offer even more rewards and perks.

Citigroup has been working hard in the past two years, since bringing on Jud Linville to run and revamp their credit card division, to find ways to target and satisfy different groups of people who use credit cards. This latest card, the Citigroup Hilton Card, focuses on the demographic of people who are wealthy, who use their card for most of their purchases, who are interested in travel rewards. Last year Citigroup was focusing on a demographic of people who have to carry balances on their cards when it introduced the Citi Simplicity card.

Citi boasted in a recent interview that they have a card for every person, no matter their financial position and needs. Although credit card issuers are aware that the affluent demographic is probably not their largest customer base, it is important to consider a card that meets their needs as well, particularly in light of the fact that new regulations were passed regulating and limiting late fee charges and interest rate increases on cards.

The new Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve card offers 10 bonus points for every dollar spent on the card at one of Hilton’s Worldwide hotels and resorts around the world, 5 points for every dollar spent on airline and car rental purchases, and 3 points for all other purchases. Citi will still offer cardholders the original Hilton HHonors card, which has no annual fee; however people who qualify for the new Hilton HHonors Reserve card will have to pay a $95 annual fee.