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Capital One® Spark Miles Select for Business

Written by alexavatar

One of the benefits that small businesses are realizing with the evolution of worldwide communication is a decrease in the need to travel. Quick meetings with clients across the country can be done with Internet video conferencing and that saves your business a lot of money. But that is just the maintenance part of running your business. Every small business owner knows that to win new business, you have to be there.

Rising travel costs are taking a big chunk out of small business budgets. But there are ways that small businesses can fight back and keep traveling economical. The Capital One® Spark(SM) Miles Select for Business is the best tool any business can have to help keep travel expenses down while still allowing you to meet with clients face to face.

This card has no annual fee and offers interest rates as low as 14.9 percent. You can make purchases or take cash advances out with your card. The benefit is in the way in which this card continuously rewards all of your purchasing activity with valuable airline miles that help to keep expenses down.

With this card, you get one mile for every dollar you spend in purchases. Then you also get a 50 percent miles bonus at the end of the year for your activity during the year. Your miles will never expire, which means that you can continue accrue them and then use them when you are ready.

Your miles can be used on any airline you choose for any flight, regardless of destination or flight time. With the Capital One® Spark(SM) Miles Select for Business, there are no such things as blackout dates and you are not restricted from any kind of seating arrangements. You can use your miles as you see fit and you can benefit from your card in the way that you want.

The best part about this card is that you do not have an earning limit. Once you start accruing the miles, you can keep adding them for as long as you want. If you know you have a big business trip coming up next year, then you can start planning now to save money on that trip thanks to this special business credit card.