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Schedulicity Offering New Credit Card Service for Small Businesses

Written by abbyavatar

A new service is being released from Schedulicity, which specializing in online scheduling appointments, called Reliability + ™. The new service will be very beneficial for small businesses that take reservations and bookings over the phone or online and require a credit card to reserve the appointment.

This new technology and service will allow the small business owner to request a hold on a card from the credit card issuer when the patron opts to reserve the service. The technology will also store the card’s information so that the business owner can charge the card if there is a missed appointment or if the patron tries to avoid paying for the service.

This service will be the perfect service to aid against fraud losses, which amounted to approximately $8 billion in 2010, most of which was incurred from collateral legal fees and insurance payouts.

This service offers protection for the patron as well because the credit card issuer will be charged with the responsibility of placing the hold on the card and all data will be saved securely and not sold or distributed.

The Reliability + service form Schedulicity is just another example of a service created in consideration of increased credit card use and the growing concern with fraudulent use and identity theft. This service will also insure that the small business owner is as protected from fraud and theft as the cardholder.