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Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express

Written by elliottavatar

As if the American Express standard wasn’t impressive enough, the Blue Cash Everyday Card raises the bar even higher. American Express wanted to give its patrons a card that could get them even more cash back when they use the card on everyday purchases.

The new card has no annual fee and allows the cardholder to receive an unlimited amount of cash back on any purchase made with the card. To be more specific, American Express is offering one-percent cash back every time you swipe your card at the checkout counter.

The American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card sweetens the deal by offering increased percentages of cash back for certain purchases made. If the cardholder uses the card at a department store, they will receive two-percent cash back. If the cardholder uses the card at the gas station, they will also get two-percent cash back. And if the cardholder uses the credit card at the supermarket, they will receive three-percent cash back. Basically, American Express is saying that they will increase the reward to the cardholder for using the card at the places that they would ordinarily use the card anyhow.

If you are a new card member to American Express, they will give you $100.00 cash back instantly as their way of saying “thanks” for joining their community.

Also, the Blue Cash Everyday Card has a zero-percent introductory APR on all purchases for the first year of use. After the introductory period ends, the APR will adjust to a range of 17.24% – 22.24% based on eligibility. The better credit rating and credit history a cardholder has, the lower the interest rate.

The Blue Cash Everyday Card also carries with it American Express’ standard perks and protections, such as 90-day return protection, purchase protection, and the extended warranty, which are essential when the cardholder is having a dispute with a shop owner who is refusing to accept the return of a purchased good.

Also, traveling is made easier when you’re using you American Express card because it carries with it its standard collision insurance when you rent a car, so long as the car is reserved using your AMEX card. It also provides you aid for emergency legal or medical attention when you are traveling more than 100 miles away from home. Finally, American Express offers a Global Assist Hotline that can be used 24/7 when you’re away from home and need some help.

The Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express is a great resolution for the average family who uses their American Express card for everyday purchases because now credit spent on those purchases means cash back for you to spend on the next thing. Clearly, this just means savings, savings, and more savings for the family.