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Capital One® VentureOne Rewards Credit Card

Written by alexavatar

Capital One provides many competitive credit card plans that allow customers to earn rewards.  One of the most popular rewards choices is miles toward future flights, and Capital One® VentureOneSM Rewards Credit Card is an excellent choice for amassing miles quickly.  This particular card is available to customers that have an excellent credit history, rewarding them for their responsible use of credit by providing them with outstanding incentives and bonuses.

Capital One® VentureOneSM Rewards Credit Card customers earn an introductory APR of zero percent, lasting one year and then converting to a low variable APR.  There is no annual fee, and there are opportunities to earn additional introductory bonuses.  Spending $1,000 within the first 3 months earns you a one-time bonus of 10,000 miles, perfect as a welcome from Capital One.

Your spending with your Capital One® VentureOneSM Rewards Credit Card will earn you 1.25 miles for every dollar spent.  While some cards place restrictions on where, when and how many miles can be earned, Capital One places no such restriction.  Your ability to earn miles is as extensive as your ability to spend.  If you elect to shop through the Capital One Perk Central network of retailers, you may be able to earn as much as 15 additional miles per dollar using your card.  These retailers have partnered with Capital One to give you access to great values and points opportunities.

Many customers elect this card because they love to travel.  In fact, your miles earned can be redeemed for flights or for hotel rooms and car rentals.  A simple rule of thumb in calculating the value of your miles is to add two zeroes to the cost of your flight, hotel room, or car rental.  However, there are other reward options.  You can elect to redeem your miles for merchandise, gift cards, or cash.  The Capital One® VentureOneSM Rewards Credit Card is especially useful if you spend much time in foreign travel, as Capital One does not assess foreign transaction fees on your currency transactions in foreign countries.  Your excellent credit allows you access to high value rewards based on everyday shopping habits, and your rewards can take you to the ends of the earth.