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Citi® Platinum Select® Visa® Card

Written by elliottavatar

Rarely does a credit card bargain emerge. When a good bargain does come around, seizing the opportunity promptly can immediately deliver results by keeping your hard earned dollars in your pocket.  The Citi® Platinum Select® Visa® Card is a bright star in the ever growing universe of available credit cards. The card offers a very attractive bundle of credit features for qualified applicants.  Starting with an initial and ongoing annual fee of $0, this hard working credit card delivers on the commitment to keep the cost of credit low.

The best features of this card include the extended introductory APR, the Balance Transfer option and the low interest rate.  The introductory APR is 0% for a full eighteen months.  This includes purchases and balance transfers from other credit cards. With some credit card APRs approaching 30%, transferring a balance from another credit card will wipe out interest on the balance due for 18 months.  There is a 3% transaction fee rate for transferring balances. That fee will most likely be less than existing interest payments.

After the expiration of the introductory period, the interest rate on both balance transfers and purchases remains low.  The standard APR for the Citi® Platinum Select® Visa® Card is a variable rate starting at 11.99% through 21.99% for purchases. The APR for balance transfers is pegged at 11.99%.

In evaluating this card, consider if you plan on making a major credit card purchase over the next year.   The Citi® Platinum Select® Visa® Card is a perfect solution to break payments up over 18 months at $0 interest. An added benefit of transferring an existing credit card balance is that by eliminating the interest payment, the principal can be paid down quicker, potentially raising a credit score and minimizing monthly cash outlays.

As the member of the Citi® portfolio, the Citi® Platinum Select® Visa® Card also comes with discounts on gift cards, travel, merchandise and more. Citi® Identity Theft Solutions offers a robust safeguard against identity and credit card theft and is available to Citi® Platinum Select® Visa® Card users. Of course, the Visa® brand is recognized globally so use it on your next trip and have an interest free vacation!