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Thank You For Checking Out The Citi ThankYou Card

Written by abbyavatar

The Citi ThankYou® Card is a great choice for those individuals, who are looking for a rewards card that is easy to use and simple to understand.  More than ever, it is important to review the opportunities before selecting a card in order to determine which one provides the best incentives.  A small return on your card use, after all, can provide a little bit of wiggle room in your monthly budget.  The Citi ThankYou® Card provides you with the opportunity to earn as you spend.

The Citi ThankYou® Card allows users to earn one ThankYou® Point for every dollar spent on purchases.  There are no point caps with the card, meaning that you can earn without limit.  Of course, your use of your card depends on the limits assigned to your account and your payment of that account. However, many families and individuals are finding that it makes sense to use their Citi ThankYou® Cards to pay for groceries, gas, or utility bills in order to earn points.  A quick payment of those same amounts on one’s Citi account allows the balance to be kept low and the rewards to add up.  Over the course of a month, a family may spend thousands on these areas of the budget, meaning that a great potential for rewards is accrued.  Additionally, quick repayment of credit card expenses is an excellent means for building credit history.

The Citi ThankYou® Card allows members to earn bonus points for a number of events and expenditures.  Anniversary points are credited each year that you are a member of the ThankYou® program.  Bonuses can be earned for initial enrollment in the program and for accepting online statements.  The paperless billing saves many businesses the costs of printing and postage, making the points worthwhile incentives.  Additionally, the ThankYou® Bonus Center provides card users with targeted retailers and deals within a major network, and shopping through this network with your Citi ThankYou® Card avails you the opportunity to earn bonus points.

ThankYou® points are redeemed for many different types of rewards.  You have the opportunity to select those rewards that best meet your needs.  In some cases, cash is king, with a cash payment applied to your credit card balance.  Others prefer to save their reward points for travel.  Still others select gift cards or electronic gifts to purchase with their points.  The options are varied, perfect for meeting the needs of each unique card member.