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Capital One Spark Classic for Business Credit Card Review

Written by alexavatar

One of the things that any small business would benefit from is a line of credit. Unfortunately, one of the most difficult things for a small business to get is a line of credit. That is why small businesses often turn to credit cards to try and help them get their credit profile started. But it is difficult to find a credit card which really helps a small business get the credit exposure it needs while offering quality services.

The Capital One® Spark Classic for Business is a small business credit card that is designed to put all of your activity on a commercial credit report for everyone to see. It will help you to establish a credit profile that can lead to the loans you need to run your business. But in the meantime, this card also helps you to use your credit line to grow your business.

The card has no annual fee and you qualify for an automatic credit line increase when you follow the activity guidelines. This is a huge part of helping you to establish positive credit for future ventures. The card also carries a cash back reward, which gives you money back based on the purchases you make throughout the year.

A good business credit card understands that you have many administrative challenges when it comes to running a small business. That is why this card offers you the chance to add up to 25 employee cards without any fees or charges and it also offers you the chance to get customized reports and billing statements that can help you to track expenses.

When the end of the year rolls around and you are trying to determine how your company spent its money, then you need a credit card that can give you the information you need in an easy to use format. That is what the Capital One® Spark(SM) Classic for Business does, and it offers customized reporting at no extra charge.

Running a small business is hard enough. You need a credit card that can make running your business easier while also offering you world-class business support. That is why you need this card to help make your business successful.