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The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN

Written by alexavatar

The business world is not for those that want a leisurely lifestyle because it moves at a very fast pace. If you wait too long to act on an idea, then your competition may have your idea out before you do. When it comes to a charge card for your business, you want one that understands the time constraints of trying to build a successful company. The Business Gold Rewards Card® from American Express OPEN is the ideal card for the companies that don’t have time to wait.

This is a card that offers bonus points for important business activities such as advertising and shipping services. Not only does it reward you with points when you pay for those activities with your card, but it also adds accelerators on those rewards with special promotions. You may get your statement and see that you earned five times as many points as normal for your advertising efforts. It is the way that this card tries to help you keep expenses down and reward you for running your business.

For its regular bonus points schedule, the card pays three points for every dollar charged for airfare, two points for every dollar spend on advertising, shipping and fuel for fleet vehicles, and then one point for every dollar spent after that. It is all about getting you bonus points as quickly as possible so that you can redeem them to save money on business expenses.

When you use the card, you can do so knowing that your business is always the priority. If you buy a product from an eligible vendor and that vendor will not take the product back, then the card will refund your money up to $1,000. The card also offers extended coverage for rental cars and one-year extended warranties on all products purchased using the card.

Business owners are always looking for the best ways to help their businesses be more successful. When you use the Business Gold Rewards Card® from American Express OPEN, you are bringing the purchasing power and business experience of American Express to bear on your company. That means that you are giving yourself every chance you could need to be successful.