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Check Out The Citi Simplicity® Card

Written by alexavatar

It is nice when a credit card lives up to its name, especially when the word “simple” is part of that name. The Citi Simplicity Card makes paying your credit card bills easy by eliminating all late fees associated with your payment.

It can be difficult to make your credit card payments exactly on the due date. With other credit cards, you would be charged late fees and have to watch your interest obligation go up as well. With the Citi Simplicity Card, you will never have to worry about late fees and you can save that money you would have spent on extra interest as well.

There are a lot of different ways that credit card companies can let you get introduced to a new card. With the Citi Simplicity Card, all of your purchases and balance transfers for the first 18 months are interest free. Once the 18-month period is up, your interest rate could be as low as 12.99 percent. It is just one way that the Citi Simplicity Card says “welcome” to savings.

Customer service is another way that credit card companies could make your life simpler. But when you deal with most other credit cards, you have to wait on hold forever or you will have to deal with a recorded message to get any kind of customer service. The Citi Simplicity Card prides itself on making sure that you get an experienced and professional customer service representative each time you call to help you take care of any issues you may have. There is no waiting on hold for long periods of time and you won’t have to continuously input numbers into a mindless computerized system.

The Citi Simplicity Card makes life easier by not charging any annual fees to its users. When you want a card that is simple to use and offers more benefits than any other credit card, then give the Citi Simplicity Card a try. It is one of the few credit cards you will find that actually lives up to its name and gives you more benefits than you ever would have expected. It makes your life simple and saves you money at the same time.