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LSU Tigers Platinum MasterCard from Capital One

Written by alexavatar

The LSU Tigers Platinum MasterCard from Capital One is a rewards card, but it offers people the chance to earn double the points on the things they buy the most, including groceries. Double points will also trigger if the cardholder purchases gasoline, so going to the pump and paying the high prices will be a lot less painful after receiving this MasterCard. When it comes time to redeem their points, consumers can use them to receive all types of things or even cash if they prefer.

It’s easy to earn points when using the card at the gas station and grocery store; it depends on how much money they spend. For every dollar spent, two points will be earned. If they like to watch numbers grow, LSU Tigers Platinum MasterCard from Capital One cardholders can accumulate points for as long as they like before redeeming, and they never expire. They can gather as many points as they like, and the card issuer will never tell them they have reached their limit.

The LSU Tigers Platinum MasterCard from Capital One has many perks along with the ability to earn rewards points. Cardholders can use this card for free because it has no annual fee. It also has an introductory annual percentage rate (APR) of zero percent that lasts until the month of June of 2013. At this time, the rate will range between 13.9 and 19.9 percent, but this allows people plenty of time to make purchases without the added burden of added interest.

Cardholders can also transfer the balance from other high interest credit cards onto the LSU Tigers Platinum MasterCard from Capital One without having to pay a fee to do so. With three interest rates, 13.9, 16.9 and 19.9, cardholders can save a lot of money on interest even if they are transferring from a card that is in the 20 percent range.

When people take their LSU Tigers Platinum MasterCard from Capital to a foreign country, they will be able to make purchases without having to pay the transaction fee that most other cards charge their customers. Fewer fees and more opportunities to earn rewards makes the LSU Tigers card one of the best.