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My Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card for College Students Helped Me Get My PhD!

Written by abbyavatar

As a student working toward my PhD, I was accustomed to working long hours during my breaks from school in order to finance my books, meals and incidentals until my student loans and grants arrived later in the semester.  I missed out on valuable fellowships and had trouble finding enough time to study and work in the lab.  I’m sure my grades suffered.  However, once I applied for and received my Citi Dividend Platinum Select card for college students, I was able to streamline my finances and earn much higher marks last semester.

My Citi card gives me the flexibility I need as a college student.  I can make the minimum payments each month until my funds are disbursed from my loans, grants and scholarships.  Then, I can make one large payment when I have the money.  This allowed me to better manage my budget and enabled me to work less at my job in a bookstore.  Instead of working five or six days a week during school breaks, I could work less and then pay off the balance once my money came in when school went back into session.  Having more time to study brought my grades up considerably, and I was also able to accept a fellowship that would previously have been impossible to attend.

On one occasion, my card was declined when I attempted to buy my textbooks.  The amount was quite large and the security team at Citi had flagged my card.  One phone call was all it took to get the transaction through.  I was so glad that Citi was watching and protecting my card from unauthorized usage! The security representative was extremely pleasant and was able to reactivate my card immediately.  He even left a note on my account letting the security team know when I will be buying books again so the hold won’t be placed again.

Throughout my last few years of college, my Citi Dividend Platinum Card for college students has helped me out of numerous financial jams while waiting for checks to come in.  I would recommend this card for any student who has a heavy course load and is running tight on money between disbursement checks.  It might just help raise your GPA, too!