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Capital One Cash Rewards for Excellent Credit

Written by alexavatar

As a consumer with an exceptional credit history, you want a credit card that shows you the value in and rewards you for responsible credit.  Capital One Cash Rewards with a $100 bonus provides a great experience for the cardholder and offers a bonus just for joining.  Credit card companies know that their success depends on the responsibility of their cardholders, and your reputation is valuable to Capital One in that you are a dependable candidate.

Cash rewards are very popular in that it’s easy to understand the incentive in using such a program.  This particular option from Capital One allows you to earn one percent in cash rewards on all purchase.  Each year, you earn an additional 50 percent bonus on your cash back total for the year.  A one-time earning opportunity is available as a $100 bonus, earned upon your spending $500 within the first 3 months of your being a member of the program.  You can obtain your cash back at any time, whether as a credit to your Capital One account or as a check sent to your address.  Your rewards don’t expire, meaning that you can allow your cash back total to build for something special.  If you prefer, you can arrange for automatic redemptions, as well.

Additional benefits for the individual selecting the Capital One Cash Rewards card for those with excellent credit is the availability of a low introductory APR.  A zero percent APR remains in place for the first year, followed by a variable APR.  You will also appreciate such consumer protections as extended warranties, travel accident insurance and auto rental insurance.  With no pre-set spending limit, you have the freedom to use this card in order to conduct your personal or professional business easily while accruing rewards in the process.

Capital One provides easy online management for their credit card customers, including those selecting and qualifying for the Capital One Cash Rewards program.  It’s easy to monitor the status while at home or on the go, and this card is especially conducive to foreign travel with no fees for foreign currency transactions.  Your exceptional management of credit allows you access to one of the easiest plans, and your bonus rewards make it easy to continue in that vein.