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The Plum Card® from American Express OPEN

Written by alexavatar

The Plum Card from American Express OPEN is just that, plum, but it is more than just pretty. With this card, business owners receive several wonderful benefits by having the honor of owning this card. Everyone is aware that making their credit card payments on time before the due date gives them the advantage of increasing their credit scores. Plum cardholders have a bonus; every time they make their payments early, they will earn a discount of 1.5 percent.

When it’s not possible to make their payments early, business owners may need to leave a balance on their cards. What happens when they do this is interest is added to the balance, and this makes their purchases more expensive than they would have been. The Plum Card from American Express OPEN allows its cardholders to defer paying what they owe for the month for at least two months when they need to and they will not add the interest to the balance.

The Plum Card from American Express OPEN does not set a limit on how much business owners can spend when they use the card. For all of the great benefits they receive from this card, they will only need to pay $185 for the year. This yearly fee will begin upon completion of the first year, so business owners will be able to enjoy every Plum Card advantage for free for the first year.

Sometimes, it would be easier for business owners to pay their bills at one particular time of the month than another. Plum cardholders are in luck, because they can set the time of the month when their bills will be due. Plum card holders are free to choose the beginning, the middle or the end of the month to close their billing cycles, whatever is most convenient for them.

One of the best things about using a business credit card is the ability to earn cash rewards. With the Plum Card from American Express OPEN, cardholders have this option when they make their payments early. If they spend $30,000, for example, their 1.5 percent credit will be $5,400.