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Spend With More Ease With The True Earnings Business Card From Costco and AMEX

Written by alexavatar

With the True Earning Business Card from Costco and American Express, cardholders have the chance to earn some serious cash back. They receive four-percent on gasoline purchases up to $6,000 with the business card and one-percent thereafter. Cash back bonuses are also two-percent on travel and restaurants and one-percent on all other purchases. This card offers cash back bonuses with no limit, and also gives cardholders discounts on purchases with OPEN Savings partners. The card also has other benefits like around-the-clock identity theft assistance that allows the cardholder to dispute charges and help avoid future thefts. Another perk is that the card waives the annual fee so long as the cardholder has a paid Costco membership.

The card also comes with a lot of other perks that are great for businesses. If a cardholder rents a car using their American Express, the card will automatically cover the car with collision coverage. This means that the cardholder can decline the extra charge at the rental office with the ease of knowing that there will be no collateral risk should something happen because American Express is protecting them. If the cardholder ever finds him or herself stranded when they are more than 100 miles away from home without help, American Express has a around-the-clock global assistance hotline that gives medical, legal or financial assistance. It also provides roadside assistance to any location and extends $100,000 in travel accident insurance when travel tickets are purchased with the card.

Business owners can also have peace of mind that should they make a purchase that is damaged or that a store refuses to return and refund, American Express will protect them, in certain instances, and for a certain period of time, which is usually up to 90-days after the initial purchase is made. American Express also gives its cardholders access to the OPEN App Center, which has a number of business management tools, such as tools to easily manage the account online, access to monthly statements and a year-end summary.

The card has a zero-percent APR for the first six months, and a 15.24 percent rate afterwards.