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Check Out the Slate Credit Card from Chase

Written by adamavatar

As credit card balances build up, it can get difficult to keep track of individual purchases and how much interest they’re accruing. It can be even more difficult to set a plan for paying off these balances. But the Slate credit card from Chase has a solution.

For customers with balances, Chase Slate with Blueprint gives them the tools to pay off the debt sooner and save on interest payments. It lets them craft a “Finish It” plan, which sets a schedule for how they will pay off the balance, and Chase reports that cardholders who use this function tend to pay down their balances twice as quickly as other customers. The plan is free to use and easy to get started and can be changed at any time.

The card allows its members to customize their monthly payments, selecting which purchases to pay off. As long as the cardholder pays these items in full by their due date, the will pay no interest on them, even if they carry a balance. Larger purchases can also be paid off faster with a system that splits it into smaller monthly payments, with Chase displaying the progress on each monthly statement. Other functions allow cardholders to track their spending trends, setting up monthly budgets and seeing how well they keep to these goals.

Slate from Chase has an introductory period that crushes what competitors offer. While most credit cards offer six months with a low interest rate, and a handful offer twelve months with a lower interest rate, the Chase Slate credit card gives members fifteen months with no interest on purchases or balance transfers. Afterward, the rate is 11.99 percent, 16.99 percent or 21.99 percent. If the member makes a balance transfer within the first thirty days of opening the card, there is no fee either.

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