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Check Out The Capital One Classic Platinum Credit Card

Written by alexavatar

For the consumer who wants to easily get approved for a credit card, there is no better choice than the Capital One Classic Platinum credit card. With a low interest rate, one can enjoy the savings incurred and spend money on gasoline, new clothing and other items. Until March of 2013, consumers can enjoy a special zero percent introductory APR rate. This means that any money a consumer spends will not incur high interest rate fees.

The special zero percent introductory rate will be replaced with another rate at the end of March of 2013. Even the interest rate that replaces the zero percent interest rate is less than the interest rates offered by other credit cards. One’s interest rate will become 17.9 percent, 19.9 percent or 22.9 percent. A person’s credit history will be taken into consideration in determining the appropriate interest rate for him or her.

Travelers will enjoy the special benefits they receive with this card. There is no fee for foreign transactions, which makes it the perfect credit card for traveling abroad. Travelers can easily make purchases in Euros, Yen or other denominations and will incur no fees. A college student who is traveling abroad for a few months may find this credit card provides them with tremendous protection in foreign countries. Another benefit for travelers is the $100,000 policy that is included with the card. If travelers buy plane tickets with this card, they will be reimbursed by travel insurance in the credit card agreement for a travel accident that results in the loss of a loved one or injuries to one’s self.

The Capital One Classic Platinum credit card is also easy to monitor. One can receive text alerts from Capital One that will show how much he or she has spent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The texts can be helpful for a person who wants to stick to a budget and be responsible with funds. Capital One will also protect consumers who are the victims of credit card fraud. Consumers will be responsible for 0 percent of the transactions incurred on a credit card as a result of identity theft or other fraud.

Overall, the Capital One Classic Platinum credit card is a winning choice for individuals who enjoy having access to a variety of insurance plans at no cost and having a zero percent interest rate for a generous amount of time.