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Journey Student Rewards from Capital One

Written by alexavatar

College students are inundated with credit card offers that all seem to have something in it for the credit card company, but very little benefit for the student. It is rare if not impossible, to find a card that wants to help college students learn and develop good credit habits. When students find a card that cares as much about them as it does in generating revenue for the credit card company, then that is a card that a student should hang on to.

The Journey Student Rewards from Capital One is a special credit card that focuses on teaching students good credit habits and rewarding students who follow good credit advice. The first break the card gives students is that it has no annual fee and there is no balance transfer charge. Students can instantly see why this card is special.

As a college student starts to use the Journey Student Rewards from Capital One, he or she is encouraged to monitor the credit card statement online to make sure that the payments are timely made. But that is not all that this card offers. When you have this card, you also have access to your credit reports online each month. You can see the activity in your personal credit profile and watch for fraud. You can also monitor your own credit activity and make sure that you are always improving your credit profile.

Money is tight for college students and that is why this card offers a one-percent cash back reward on every purchase that is made. To help encourage students to develop good credit habits, there is a bonus offered each time the student pays his credit card bill on time and with the full monthly minimum payment.

College can be a wild time for many students and sometimes your credit card can get lost or stolen. This card offers a fraud liability program that does not hold the student accountable for the charges made on any lost or stolen card.

When a college student is looking for a card that cares about preparing him for the world after graduation, then this is the credit card that he needs to have.