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Check out the Visa Platinum Card From Simmons First National Corp

Written by elliottavatar

The Visa Platinum Card offered by Simmons First National Corp gives its members a wide set of perks and bonuses, and something else few other cards can claim — an APR that is less than ten-percent. The card’s 7.25 percent variable rate APR for purchases and balance transfers makes it one of the lowest in the industry, and its 11.25 percent APR for cash advances is also well below what other card companies offer. There is also no annual fee and no fees for balance transfers either, and while most credit cards give customers twenty days to pay their bill, Simmons First extends this to twenty-five days.

Aside from its attractive rate, the Simmons First Visa Platinum Card offers cardholders the power of Visa’s global acceptance at ATMs and financial institutions worldwide. They also receive free travel accident insurance and other insurance coverage when travel tickets are purchased with the Visa Platinum Card. Car rentals paid for with the card also includes Visa’s car rental insurance to cardholders. This provides coverage for damage from collision or theft, up to the actual cash value of the rental in many instances.

Simmons First National Corp is a regional bank based in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, which has had a strong focus on customer service for more than 100 years. The bank has now grown to include 89 offices in 47 different communities throughout Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri, but the bank’s reputation has reached national levels. In 2009, CNN Money ranked the Visa Platinum Card number one on its list of “The Best Credit Cards For You,” a list of cards with exceptional rates and benefits. The financial website Daily Finance also named the card as its “Card of the Week” in 2012, noting that its benefits and excellent terms place it among the best cards available on the internet.