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Capital One® Platinum Prestige Credit Card Review

Written by alexavatar

If you have been looking for a credit card with a low interest rate, the Capital One Platinum Prestige card could be just what you need. This card offers one of the lowest interest rates over time, and it begins with an exceptional 0 percent interest rate.

The Capitol One Platinum Prestige card is an excellent choice for the consumer who is attempting to pay off credit card debt. Since it offers a 0 percent introductory rate on balance transfers, you can transfer your balance from other cards. You will be able to pay down your balance faster since it will temporarily not be accruing any additional interest. This offer is available through September 2013.

After the introductory period, your interest rate will increase. The interest rate ranges from 10.9 percent to 18.9 percent. The interest rate that you will be charged is based on your credit score. If your credit score is high, you will be rewarded with a lower interest rate.

In addition to a low interest rate, the Capitol One Platinum Prestige card offers consumers many other useful perks. Since many cardholders are travelers, several of the benefits are centered on travel. First, the card offers a 0 percent foreign transaction fee. You will not be charged an additional fee when you make purchases outside of the United States. Most other credit card companies charge a fee of around 5 percent of the total purchase amount

Travelers also appreciate the travel insurance provided by the Capitol One Platinum Prestige card. If you pay for your travel with your card, you will be covered under a $100,000 travel accident insurance policy. This coverage is only for severe instances such as death or dismemberment. When you rent a vehicle with your card, you automatically receive insurance coverage against theft or accidental damage. This coverage is offered as long as you are renting the vehicle for less than 15 days. As a cardholder, you are also eligible to use Capitol One’s 24-hour travel planning assistance service at no additional cost.

The Capitol One Platinum Prestige Card is available to consumers with good to excellent credit. Although the card does not offer rewards, it provides members with an impressive menu of benefits and services.