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Excellent Credit Cards That Offer Miles Rewards

Written by alexavatar

Business people and those who frequently take vacations are the ideal consumer who can benefit highly from owning and using a miles reward credit card. Miles reward cards reward the card holder for their traveling expenses with certain airlines. Most credit cards of this type operate by rewarding the consumer with points, which translate into miles. Once a certain amount of points have accumulated, he or she can use the points to contribute to the purchase of an airline ticket. Some credit card companies offer as many as many as ten thousand bonus or sign on / sign up points per year for their travels.

Other credit card companies reward card members by giving them an entirely free trip, although restrictions can apply. Additionally, some companies offer other prizes such as gift cards to people who own miles rewards credit cards. These special cards can also have other benefits such as no annual fee, low annual percentage rate, or no interest rate for a lengthy time.

Most major airlines offer their own cards from their websites and of course we’ve all seen the kiosk in the airports where we can quickly sign up for an airline’s credit card on our way to the gate. A person who flies frequently with a specific airline will benefit from a card offered by that airline, and of course it goes without saying that you can find some great cards simply by using this website.

A person who is new to credit may have to wait before qualifying for a miles rewards credit card, because their credit requirements are higher than the average card. Most lenders require the applicant to have good to excellent credit for a card of this type. A person with a limited credit history can apply for a lesser card and work his or her way up to a miles rewards credit card. It takes approximately six months to increase one’s credit score enough for lenders to take notice. After the consumer builds a trusted relationship with the lenders, he or she will qualify for a miles rewards card. From there, the individual can enjoy taking trips for next to nothing in cost.