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Review of the Slate Credit Card from Chase

Written by abbyavatar

The Slate credit card from Chase is not only sleek looking, but it also offers the cardholders an amazingly low APR after the introductory period is over and comes with Blueprint, which is Chase’s money management tool.

Unlike many other cards on the market, Chase waives the application of interest on balance transfers and accruals for the first fifteen months after activation. After the introductory period is over, the Chase Slate card will readjust to a very comfortable APR of between 11.99% and 21.99%, depending on the cardholder’s credit history. Overall, this credit card is so sought after that Chase only allows applicants with excellent credit to qualify for an account.

As previously mentioned, the Slate credit card from Chase is paired with Chase’s unique money management tool, which they call Blueprint. This tool is personal to the cardholder and allows the person to track their spending and borrowing so that they are assured that they have a firm grasp on their finances.

Unfortunately, this card does not also offer some of Chase’s signature reward programs; however who needs to worry about cash back and getting reward points when the card offers an extended introductory, zero percent APR period and a lower APR thereafter.

This card is also great and is especially designed for cardholders who are looking to consolidate their card balances onto one card. As mentioned before, the Slate card offers with it zero percent APR on all balance transfers for the first fifteen months of use after the initial activation. If the cardholder transfers all of their other card balances to the Slate card within the first thirty-days that the card is open, Chase will waive all balance transfer fees; however if the cardholder transfers a balance from other cards after the first thirty-day period is up, Chase will only assign a three percent fee to the amount transferred. Clearly, with this card it pays to transfer your balances from other cards to the Slate card as soon as it is activated.