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Add The Discovery Student Clear Credit Card To Your List of Things to Take to College

Written by abbyavatar

Building credit is an important and vital part of a person’s college years, and students who can spend and make payments responsibly will graduate with more than just a degree, but a good credit score too. The Discover Student Clear Card helps with the task, offering its members a chance to earn rewards for the purchases they make most often but also giving them tools to spend wisely and keep balances down.

The card offers members cash back bonuses of up to five-percent on a rotating set of categories that include gas stations, department stores and groceries. All normal purchases outside these featured categories net one-percent back, and when cardholders shop at Discover’s exclusive online set of retailers they can earn up to twenty-percent back. The reward points are flexible, with no expiration dates and the ability to cash the rewards in, in smaller increments than many competing credit card companies offer.

To help members keep better control over their debt and payments, Discover extends financial tools like a glossary of credit terms and online articles about managing debt. Cardholders can plug their balance into a financial calculator to see what a repayment schedule would look like. Computer savvy members will especially love the Discovery Student Clear Card, which allows them to track spending patterns through monthly statements, seeing where they spend the most. Student members can also link the card to pay monthly household bills, and if members have any questions can turn to Discover’s around-the-clock customer service team. The company also extends its strong protection against fraud, with no liability for unauthorized charges. Discover even lets cardholders choose the design for their card.

The card has a zero-percent APR for the first nine months; however after the introductory period, the APR will adjust to between 12.99 percent and 19.99 percent. There is no annual fee.