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Students Should Take a Look at the Discover Student Open Road Credit Card

Written by alexavatar

College can be a dangerous time for credit, with many students graduating with a high amount of debt. The Discover Student Open Road card has a solution, giving favorable terms in a card that helps students build up credit and earn helpful perks. They earn double cash back bonuses on the places where they shop the most — gas stations and restaurants, which include fast food. The card also gives them anywhere from five-percent to twenty-percent back on purchases at Discover’s online mall. All other purchases give them one-percent cash back bonuses with no limit.

But aside from perks, the Discover Student Open Road card gives its members something even more valuable — an education on how to use credit wisely and avoid racking up debt. Discover gives cardholders access to its student center, which has resources like a credit quiz to help them learn about how credit works. There is also a glossary of credit-related terms so they better understand credit applications and bills, along with a budget calculator so they can track monthly expenses and set goals.

The card also comes with Discover’s fraud protection, which means no liability on unauthorized purchases, an easy online account management system and round-the-clock customer service. If the student is stranded while traveling they have access to Discover’s 24-hour travel hotline, which offers help replacing lost tickets, renting cars or finding medical services. The card also keeps up with technology savvy users, offering paperless statements, personal e-mail reminders for due dates and automated bill pay features. Members can even customize the card from one of more than 100 unique designs.

The Discover Student Open Road card has a zero-percent APR for the first nine months, and a rate between 12.99 percent and 18.99 percent after the introductory period. There is also no annual fee.