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Features of Top Credit Cards

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A consumer who is looking for the top credit card is seeking a card that gives them the most benefit and has the fewest expenses. Credit cards are more than just loans attached to a plastic device. A person can use a credit card to reconstruct his or her credit profile, earn money, win gifts, or to go on free vacations. A top credit card will have some or all of the following features and benefits:

Low Annual Percentage Rate

A low APR or annual percentage rate is something that every debtor desires in a credit card. The lowest APR a credit card can have is 0%. With a zero percent APR, one can enjoy making purchases without having to worry about paying back more. Many of the top credit cards offer 0% APRs for lengthy introductory periods. Introductory periods for 0% APR cards can last anywhere from ninety days to eighteen months.

No Annual Fee

Many credit card companies attach an annual fee that the consumer has to pay for having the privilege of using the card. A top credit card will not attach an annual fee. Credit card companies should be happy to have the consumer’s business, not the other way around.

Cash Rewards

A cash reward credit card is a top credit card because the consumer is able to earn money by using it. Cardholders can earn between one and six percent on purchases of fuel, groceries and some services.

Other Rewards Cards

Some companies offer gift cards to customers who spend a certain amount of money with their credit cards. These types of cards are on the list of top cards because everyone can use a little money back sometimes. A consumer can find these amazing cards with an online credit card search tool. A comparison tool will help that person to find the best card for his or her situation.