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We Discover(ed) What Was So Special About The Discover More Credit Card

Discover More Card Reviewed UPDATE: The Discover More Credit Card is no longer offered by Discover Card. They have since switched over to the Discover IT promotion. These cards offers similar rates, fees and rewards. Use the links on the right to find an offer that is a good fit for you.   The Discover [...]

Celebrities Tie Name and Face to Prepaid Credit Cards

Credit card companies are searching for interesting ways to entice consumers to buy into their product and use their cards and this is certainly one way of doing it – get celebrities to endorse or pioneer their own prepaid credit cards. The prepaid credit card is not regulated by the government yet, which means that [...]

Consumer Credit Rises $17.1B, Which Means Times Are Still Tough

People want to believe that times are getting better, but the recent numbers coming from the Fed regarding consumer credit seems to indicate otherwise. May 2012 showed a jump in consumer credit by $17.1 billion, which is a pretty astounding jump considering people were all hoping that things were getting better. In fact, it wasn’t [...]

Check Out The Citi Simplicity® Card

It is nice when a credit card lives up to its name, especially when the word “simple” is part of that name. The Citi Simplicity Card makes paying your credit card bills easy by eliminating all late fees associated with your payment. It can be difficult to make your credit card payments exactly on the [...]

Capital One Cash Rewards for Excellent Credit

As a consumer with an exceptional credit history, you want a credit card that shows you the value in and rewards you for responsible credit.  Capital One Cash Rewards with a $100 bonus provides a great experience for the cardholder and offers a bonus just for joining.  Credit card companies know that their success depends [...]

Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express

For many years, American Express was known for its convenient charge cards. Customers could make purchases and then had 30 days to pay the full balance. Once American Express started to get into the commercial market, it realized that many small businesses would be interested in a card with the American Express name on it [...]

Check Out the Slate Credit Card from Chase

As credit card balances build up, it can get difficult to keep track of individual purchases and how much interest they’re accruing. It can be even more difficult to set a plan for paying off these balances. But the Slate credit card from Chase has a solution. For customers with balances, Chase Slate with Blueprint [...]

Check Out The Capital One Classic Platinum Credit Card

For the consumer who wants to easily get approved for a credit card, there is no better choice than the Capital One Classic Platinum credit card. With a low interest rate, one can enjoy the savings incurred and spend money on gasoline, new clothing and other items. Until March of 2013, consumers can enjoy a [...]

Check Out The Capital One Platinum Credit Card

Are you looking for a new credit card? If so, you should definitely look at the Capital One Platinum card. This card comes with a reasonable interest rate, fraud protection and many other benefits. No Interest Until March 2013 The best reason to get this card is that there is no interest due until March [...]

Take a Look at the Citi Forward Card

Any consumer would like to have a credit card that rewards him or her for doing the things that lead to a better credit score. When you can team that up with the ability to continually pile up rewards just for making purchases and choosing a more convenient way to pay your bill, then you [...]