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So what exactly is this Seal Of Approval? Your question should really be, who is the Seal Of Approval.

Our seal is Sergei, the un-official mascot of He’s currently living in Siberia and enjoying the cool weather and fresh fish. Occasionally he’ll catch a ride on a shipping barge and spend some time in the bay area in San Francisco. Sergei helps keep us entertained and break up the monotony on those days when the editorial staff has that glazed look in their eyes.

Hey, researching and writing articles about finance and credit cards all day long can have that effect. So whenever we can we ask Sergei to write in and share some entertaining news and insight about how someone should should be managing their finances and properly spending with a credit card. For a seal that eats raw fish all day long he’s actually pretty knowledgeable about finance.

If you would like to be included in the fun or have a question for Sergei , simply email him direct at Or you can do it the old fashioned way and mail us a letter or postcard. Sergei will do his best to answer your question and we will even post it on this site.

Below you’ll find even more information about Sergei straight from the source.

Introducing Sergei

First, let me start by saying that my english isn’t always the best so keep that in mind. I don’t know if I will ever have the chance to sit down and speak with any of you and answer your questions on camera, so this writing may be the only way you hear from Sergei for now. Besides my Russian accent is pretty thick, like the massive layer of fat surrounding disgusting walrus.

Yes, that’s right I do not like the walrus. They are gross and just lay around all day, such lazy animal. They are also very arrogant, they think just because they have tusk that they can push people around. My family has always had problem with Walrus, dating back to my great great great great grand poppa who was bullied by walrus. It was captured in famous illustration and has caused great shame for my family.

I should tell you now that I do not like the bird brain pelican or the sissy otter either. If you have problem with that, well stop reading because it won’t be the last time I make fun of them!

So how did Sergei get start in finance? In mother Russia I could have stayed on and chosen path of my father and his father and his, fisherman. What were you expecting me to say, certified public accountant? Sergei loves fish, but catching it for a living was not for me. So I study at University and after graduating I begin working at stock brokerage investing money for people. I got tired of the crazy life style, fast cars, and too much partying. So I decided to become a blogger and that has led me to this new career path.

Crazy people at asked me to become un-official mascot and help consumers make better decisions on which credit cards they should use. Too many people are like bird brain pelican and just spend money on credit cards that have high interest rates and no rewards.

So now Sergei is here to help you find credit cards that are good. The question I ask you now is; “Is Your Credit Card Endorsed With the Seal Of Approval?” ™ Ha! That’s my catch phrase.

So please, enjoy Sergei blog and write in question by email or post card. And please, friend me on the Facebook and Twitter because more likes and tweets Sergei get the more fish the American’s at send me.



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If You Don’t Use Balance Transfer Credit Cards You’re Stupid, Like Pelican or Sissy Otter


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